If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!



Island View Dental

Kathy R. 

Always friendly, competent staff. Great dentst Dr. Riley Santin.

Kirk F.

Great people who do an exvellent job. Very pleased with Lindsey and Dr. Santin. Highly recommend them!

Megan B.

Emily G.

I have been seeing Dr. Serbousek for many years and him wonderful assistant Daisy. They are so kind and make sure you are comfortable the whole time you are there. They have always been able to help me and answer and questions I have. I would Recommend going to Island View Dental 10/10 to everyone.

Corey H. 

I took my son to a different dentist office and I felt lik they just wanted our money. Just another day in the office for them recommending to put my son to sleep for dental work he didn't even truly need. Coming to this iffuce was such a relief. I felt like they cared about taking care of my son. Island View said teeth the other office was recommending to fix were due to fall out so there was no need to work on them. (which happened). AWESOME STAFF.. My 5 year old was able to get two cavities filled with just a regular shot. I will never go to another place!!!!!

Karlie R. 

Fred B.

It was Great!

Kristina P.

I was so bervous about my visit, but they were all so great! They made my experience as comfortable as possible!

Heather V. 

I had a good experience. My entire team took the time to explain the procedures and why they needed to be done. Very friendly and respectful. I also got to pet a gorgeous puppy while I was there!

Paul and Brooke B.

Debb N. 

I used to never smily in pictures becasue I was embarrassed of how my teeth looked. Dr. Kearns and his staff helped me creat a dental plan that completely changed my dental appearance. Now I can't stop smiling!

Jody B. 

I am a patient of Dr. Serbousek but my husband was not. He lost a crown over the weekend and not only that but the tooth broke off under it. I called to see about getting him in and the very pleasant receptionist put me on hold to see if they could get him in for a repair as well as a new patient appointment. We lucked out and they had a cancellation. They not only got him in, but Dr. Serbousek wasw able to get a tooth back in temporarily until they can get a permanent fix! He is AWESOME! Thank you!

Kelly V. 

Today was my first ever visit to Island View Dental. When I walked in and was greeted by Jess. She was very nice and thanked me for doing the new patient paperwork online before going to my appointment. Then Tara called me back to start doing x-rays and getting pictures of my teeth. She was very professional, introduced herself to me and explained everything that she was going to do. After the x-rays were done she went and told Dr. Santin that I was ready for him. Before Dr. Santin came into the room Tara came back and told me that Dr. Santin suddested that a do a whole comprehensive exam instead of an emergency visit like I was scheduled for . Tara and I went to the 2nd floor to do a 3-D xray. We went back down fo the 1st floor and took a few more photos/x-rays for Dr. Santin to review and then he would be in to check my teeth out. When Dr. Santin walked in, he introduced himself to me and explained everything he was going to do. Before starting his exam we had some little talk about some of the things Tara and I talked about. He said that  he had heard from Tara that I told her I knew his brother. I said yea, we work together. After the little talk he started the exam. After he had finished his exam he said we were going to into a consultation room to go over the findings. We went to the consultation room and he showed all of the pictures and x-rays to me. Basically, he said we had to get my mouth fixed up without being rude or judging about the condition it was in. I haven't been to the dentist in a couple of years due to a previous dentist I had that had upset me and made me not want to go to abouther dentist agian. So as Dr. Santing and I were reviewing all the findings he told me that he was going to prescripe me a toothpaste with an high amount of fluoride in it. He also suggested that I use an electric toothbrush instead of a manual brush as they do a better job. He said that I didn't have to get fancy and spend $200.00 but could get a cheaper one and that would do the same. After our discussion Tara came into the consultation room and talked about a treatment plan for myself. We have my next appointment set up and she told me if something came up before then to just call in and they would get me in sooner. Both Tara and Dr. Santin asked if I have any additional questions before finishing up the appointment . I will HIGHLY recommend Island View Dental from here on out! It was a very positive atmosphere and experience for me! Thank you!

Linda B.

When I called the gal that I talked to was very nice and said that she needed to talk to the dentist about rearranding the schedule and she would give me a call back! She gave me a call back and was very pleasant again and got me scheduled for the next morning to come in ! The receptionist at the front desk was very nice and pleasant, the hygienist that worked with me was super sweet, very friendly and very accommodation! When the dentist came in he made me feel very comfortable and I felt very relaxed through my whole visit! I ended up having to come back later in the afternoon and the same thing everyone was very nice! I was in two different rooms on two different sides of the building and they have all windows on the wall that you face while sitting in the chair so I did not feel so claustrophobic in there! I would highly recommend Island View Dental!

Marissa M.

When I moved to Grand Island, I was nervous to see a new dentist after seeing the same dentist for 15+ years. I am so glad I chose Island View Dental! From the time I walked in the door I felt welcomed and taken care of. They truly have my best interest in mind and have done everything they can to make my visits comfortable. 10/10 Recommend!

Roberta B.

I highly recommend Island View Dental. Every time I go there they explain what they're going to do and ask how you're doing all the way through. They truly care about their patients. I feel like a valued client. 

Grover C.

On my last visit, Dr. Serbousek took the time o replace a broken filling. I know they were extremely busy, and another appointment would've been ideal for them, but they got it done and in a very short time, I was back to work. I wouldn't recommend anyone else but Island View Dental!

Angela F. 

Great team! I made the switch to follow Tara who has been helping with my teeth since 2006ish. She's always been so friendly and thorough. Appointment check in was easy, I was prompty taken back for my appointment. The dental hygienist did an great job and answered my questions thoroughly, she was really knowledgeable! Dr. Santin was also terrific in listening to what my goals were and making suggestions on how to achieve those results. Office was very personable and friendly. 

JoNell T.

Larry S. 

Very happy with Island View Dental, Dr. Riley Santin was great! Tara also went out of her way to make our visit exceptional and would HIGHLY recommend!!

Gaghagen M. 

The staff are very good and do a great job taking care of our needs. 

Terri S. 

I am a new patient at Island View Dental. I needed a crown and was fit in during the busy holiday week. They offer same day crowns and my experience was amazing!! The staff was so kind, and knowledgable. They explained everything as they go and you can tell they truly care about you. Glad I made the change I only wish I would have made the chage sooner! I will be referring everyone I know to Island View Dental!

Sherri K. 

New Dentist for me. I filled out the online new patient information and they got me an appointment in 2 days! Dr. Santin makes you feel like you've been friends forever! I like him almost as much as Jen!

Brian J.

Great Place! The doctor and staff were so nice! First time I have enjoyed going to the dentist in a long time!!

Carol J. 

So friendly and knowledgeable. They were transparent regarding cost. My hygienist was very gentle at my cleaning appointment. 

Stephanie E.

I was super impressed as a new patient at Island View Dental. Everything ran very smooth, and any paperwork was ready in advance. The staff and phenomenal patient care! I would 10/10 recommeded Dtr. Serbousek as he took the time to listen to me, and was very knowledgeable in his profession. I look forward to my future visits and long term care here. Thank Island View Dental.

Moncia R. 

Neal And Dr. Serbousek are wonderful to work with. Definitely recommend Island View Dental for all your dental needs. 

Virginia R.

Very Polite and respectful staff. Family dentist and highly recommended! Great with kids. 

Travis Z.

Absolutely amazing staff! Comfort and care of patients is their main priority!!

Arsellia M.

When I had a horrible toothache in May of this year, I called around to many dental offices hoping to get squeezed in so I could get some relief. I was in tears when I was referred to Island View by a coworker. I reluctantly picked up the phone agian and I was greeted by the friendliest person, who actually asked me what was wrong and seemed like she really cared! I got an appointment that day!! I have never taken very good care of my teeth, so going to the dentist appointment is always a little nerve wracking. But I was pleasantly surprised when I met with Dr. Kearns. He never has made me feel bad for the way my teeth are right now, not even once.  He helped me get through the pain and I'm happy to say I have just got my root canal finished. His assistant Erin is also great! 10/10 recommend! Eveb have another appointment scheduled to help get my teeth healthy again!

Alberto L.

This is the best dental practice I found since moving to Grand Island in 2017. They have state of art technology, impeccable office setup, knowledgeable and professional staff; and more importantly friendly and helpful atmosphere at all service levels!

Jim R.

Was able to get in right away. Was accurately diagnosed and treated in a friendly professional manner. Thank you everyone at Island View Dental,

Zakk C.

Always have a good experience here. Dr. Kearns is a beast and the ladies at the front desk are always friendly and helpful. 

Juan C. 

Amazing with everything that they do. Always smiles on their faces.

Luke S.

The best place to get any dental work done. I haven't been to the dentist in probably 15 years because I had a traumatic event the last time I was a kid. Dr. Santin and the team he has are the best. I communicated what had happened before and his team promised that it wouldn't happen. I've had my dental work done by him and my child's dental work done by him. The easiest doctor and staff to talk to and understand what top notch service means. Had a crown and filling done in 20 minutes it seemed like. I had to go back in for some other work and my son had a tooth infection, so I called and told them. They got him in on the same day so I didn't have to make two trips. I told Dr. Santin that my crown felt a little weird and he looked at it and had that taken care of as well. Everybody at Island View Dental is FANTASTIC!!! If you need any dental work done I highly recommend them. when they sit you in the chair they want it to be the best dental experience you've ever had. My son is 6 years old and when I told him we had to go to the dentist he was all sorts of happy since day one. Not many kids ask when they get to see the dentist next but my kid will ask with a big smile on his face, that's how good they are with children and I'd say the same about myself. I was so scared the first time I went but now it's a walk in the park and comfortable and some people wouldn't call a dentist office peaceful but that's what this place is. If you truly want the best experience for dental work don't hesitate to call them and set up an appointment. Thank you to all the staff at Island View Dental for the best dental work ever done and all the perople in the front office that work magic with schedules, billng and whoever else I am forgetting for making our visits the absolute best. 

Sarah B.

We love Island View!!!!

Neo G.

Friendly, knowledgeable staff and a very nice office. Everyone made a great first impression but the dental assistant that helped my doctor out was super welcoming and nice. I wish I would've caught her name better because she was awesome. Dr. Matthew Serbousek was also very welcoming and approachable. He reviewed everything with me carefully and things never felt rushed. Recommendations and costs were all presented clearly and upfront. I can see why this place is hughly recommended. 

Julie D.

All employees are extremely friendly, caring, and kind. Dr. Santin does such a good job to make you confident that there is no pain in the dental procedures. A lot due to modern technology... much appreciated. Lindsey is friendly and does a great job cleaning your teeth. Highly recommend their services. 

Marlene H. 

You receive quality care from the Island View Dental staff. This group goes above and beyond to deliver excellent care! I am beyond thrilled to have chosen Island View Dental!

Angie B.

Always do a great job. Very timely which I appreciate. Friendly. Never had a bad experience considering you are at the dentist. 

Susana H. 

Nice place to get Smile better 


I love going to IVD. Such friendly faces from the moment I walk in. They are always taking such great care of my family and I! My hygienist Lindsey is very thorough and my teeth feel squeaky clean everytime I leave. Also, Dr. Santin was so nice and took the time to really listen to me when I had concerns about my teeth! I would definitely recommend this office to anyone!

Jewelie C. 

Not just because Brookly is one of my best friends, it's the overall atmosphereand passion for their jobs. I absolutely would recommend island view dental and if I might add if you are looking for an awesome hygienist... Request for Brookly and Dr. Santin.

Ivone M.

Island View has treated my family for several years. They are always professional and welcoming. Thank you IVD for all you do!

John L.

Jana K.

Dixie J. 

Dr. Santin and other staff make sure I understand the procedures and do their best to make me feel comfortable. Take the time and care to know me as a person, not just a patient. Very knowledgeable and professional, wouldn't want anyone else for my dental care.


My first consultation visit. So far so good. Everyone was pleasant and polite. 

Todd H.

Really enjoy the dental experience at Island View Dental, I lost a crown yesterday morning and I called them and they had me in the chair and 10:40am and had a new crown put on by 4pm. The service and the price are always fair, I will refer all my family and friends to Island View Dental for there service.

Connie P.

Kristen R.

I needed a root canal, efore being able to acquire a permanent crown. The Island View Dentistry team wirj diligently to schedule an appointment. I really loved the attention to detail from the front desk staff to the dentist. I'm not a big fan of dentists, but the staff was kind and caring from the beginning of the process, while I was in the chair, and afterwards. I am so thankful I was told to go to Island View Dental and I would also encourage others to go. THANK YOU Island View Staff for your care.

Shawn T.

Always very punctual, when you have an appointment time you're going in at that time. No sitting waiting around. Staff is extremely friendly and vert helpful, also informative on work needing done and what it will cost.

Lyle A.

Very Friendly and showed me and explained everything

Patricia O.

My visits have always been good. Appreciate friendly staff and enviroment.

Kay B.

Gibbon F.

Great staff and technology! Would recommend!

Sue C.

I always enjoy my visits with Island View; Teresa and Dr. Santin are amazing. They alway put me at ease and are very professional, yet friendly as can be.

Barb H.

Everyone is always very professional and friendly. Best Experience I have had going to a place which i don't like to go! Thank you for your great service. 

Sharyl P.

My family has gone to Island View Dental for several years. My kids were little when we started there and we knew there were braces in at least 1 kid's future. We chose Island View Dental to have "one stop shopping". I didn't want to start the kids in one place and then go to another place for the ortho part. It turned out our youngest child had to have even more ortho work done than the oldest child. When our youngest was 7 and had the 1st panoramic x-ray, we found out there were 2 permanent teeth in the front that were missing and she would have to have implants in when she was 18 years old. This would be a very expensive process starting with braces and then bridges as her mouth grows and then implant when she turned 18. We started saving right away because all of this would be expensive. To this day, I'm very grateful we had a head start to save money for the procedures, After one of the implant procedures, Dr. Kearns called me at home to see how my daughter was getting along and to explain the next steps. He really cares about his patients. The staff there are all wondergul to work with and don't seem to mind all my questions. I highly recommend Island View Dental

Kathy T.

Everyone was so friendly and accomodating, they made me feel at ease. If you're nervous about going to the dentist, this is the place to go.


Although I do not love going to the dentist, Island View Dental and their staff do everything they can to make me comfortable.

Stacy Z.

Went to Dr. Kearns with several dental problems, he actually found a problem with another tooth and got me in to see an endodonist that same day, hopeful to save my natural teeth. Very straight forward and honest. Everyone at Island View Dental was very friendly. The facility is beautiful and easy to find!

Larry S.

Just a cleaning and check up. Great service and experience like always!

Jose T. 

Went in for a routine cleaning and had a great experience. I like how timely and effcient the staff is without compromising the quality of their work!

Ryan M.

They're always friendly, and do a great job.

Karen B. 

I felt very comfortable an everyone was awesome in helping me figure out my issues. Thank you all so very mych!!

Zachary M.

Real good place with friendly doctors and staff.

Ava P.

Kevin J. 

Linda N.

I was so impressed! The compassion, reassurance, kindness and gentle care is so appreciated. Jenn, Dr. Kearns, Alicia and Jess have all been so informative, forthcoming and a blessing to my special needs son. 

Becky K.

Very pleased with the ease of setting up appointments at Island View Dental. My son has never been a fan of going to the dentist. So was very pleased when he said that he liked meeting Dr. Kearns for his first appointment and wanted to stay at this location!

Lisa W.

My family has been patients of Dr. Kearns for years and we have had nothing but exceptional service! Michelle is very Thorough and explains what she is doing all the time. Dr. Kearns is thorough as well and truly care about our dental health. 

Jamie S.

Always friendly, professional and understanding of the anxiety that comes with dental visits. Dr. Kearns and his staff are wonderful people.

Mona M.

First time to the dentist in years. They made me feel comfortable and explained everything. 

Bryan K.

Best place in Grand Island to get dental work done. Special thanks to Michelle for the great job every time. Love coming and knowing when I leave I have had the best cleaning and check up around! THANKS!

Suzanne P.

We have been at Island View Dental. They are very pleasant, professional and efficient. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new dental office. 

Allison B.

I had to have an old broken crown removed and a new one put on. Erin and Dr. Kearns are the best at making nervous patients feel comfortable and keeping things as pain free as possible. After hating going to the dentist for most of my life, it is no longer a problem. Thanks to the staff at Island View. For the last 7 years they have take away my dental anxiety and made it an enjoyable time for my kids. I would highly recommend going to Island View Dental.

Lacie M.

Island View Dental is THE best dental office. I will NEVER go anywhere else for my dental needs. Everyone is so friendly and Dr. Kearns is so great with my kids and I. Michelle is a wonderful hygienist! I would recommend Island View Dental to anyone that asks about a dentist.

Leah S.

Very thorough and friendly staff. Loved how clean and up to date the office is. All staff were wonderful to work with! Would recommend Island View to anyone seeking a new dental experience.

Brooke C.

The staff is wonderful, always willing to listen if you are having issues with your teeth! would highly recommend to anyone looking for a dentist office to go too!

Katie S. 

Jenny L.

I was looking for a place where they would take good care of us and I found this super clinic. Everyone is so nice and it was a very good experience every time we visit.


Was a little nervous to go, won't be again after this visit. They were gentle and understanding, wonderful experience,

Darci J.

I just had my 1st appointment at Island View Dental. Brookly did an amazing job! She was very friendly and explained everything that she was doing. Dr. Serbousek was also friendly and infomative about the health of my teeth. Great dental ecperience overall! I would highly recommend Island View Dental!

Chris P.

I've been with Island View Dental for some time. I have always been extremely satisief with the care I've received. The entire staff is great!

Ned G. 

Island View Dental is a great place for dnetal care. Everyone is very professional in caring for you. They have the latest equipment and technology to care for your teeth.

Karen P.

Lauri S.

Love them, been a patient for 30 years.

Erin R.

Always professional and excellent. The best dental office in the tri-cities.

Anisleidy L.G.

Island View Dental is an excellent clinic, it has very modern and advanced equipment. The attention from the staff is pleasant and professional. I attended with Dr. Serbousek and his assistant Daisy, their treament towards me was 100% professional and they politley explained everything that would be of benefit for me. I am very pleased with my whole process and I am just starting. I would recommend this clinic 100%

Jackie C.

I love Island View and their staff. Great people and Dr. Santin is great!

Brenda C.

Great Staff! Listened to my concerns and could tell that they genuinely care about the health of my teeth. Definitely sticking with Dr. Santin.


Eric H.

Island View Dental has been great for our family. We have been patients for many of years and love it! The staff is all very friendly and do a great job!

Vincent J.

Gary S.

Friendly staff. Always on time. Have been going to them for over 20 years.

Darlene W.

Wonderful staff and Dentists. Highly recommend.

Pam S.

Hailey F.

The hygienists and Dr's have always been super kind and friendly. If I voice a concern, they always check it out and give me answers as to what I can do.

Lynda Berggren

Irina M.

It was great, very greatful to the work team, very professional.

Fran B. 

Kathy R. 

Always Friendly, competent staff. Great Dentist Dr. Santin!

Juana L.

I like how they treat their patients, very respectful!

Fred Bosselman

It was great!

Linda K. 

I have been going to Island View Dental since it started and way before when Dr. Lofgreeb started his practice on Cleburn St.! Teresa has been my hygienist for 30 years and now Dr. Santin since Dr. Logreen retired. We have always been and still are very happy with this office! Everyone is friendly and professional! I have spent many hours in dental chairs and always joked with Dr. Lofgreen about a sign he had that said "they catered to cowards!" I was the coward! They make you feel comfortable through everything!

Justin H.

Scott. W.

Angela W.

Sam Z.

Have had my extensive dental work done here for over 20 years. Very polite staff that I enjoy teasing. 

Cheryl K.

Larry S.

Dr. Santin and staff did a great job and made sure I was always comfortable. 

Melaine S.

Professional, talked to me about everything during the cleaning. Made a plan of treatment and related costs. I've had a lot of previous dental work done so trust my instincts with dentists/hygienists. Island View Dental is our new dental office!! Thank you for finding a cleaning appointment for me!!

Dan Z.

The best staff and doctors in town!

Melissa W.

Tara Patrick was so friendly and wonderful. She was able to help me see Dr. Santin same day! Dr. Santin deserves 10 stars! Great job!

Matt K.

Dr. Santin rocks, I'm sure the others do too. Friendly staff always on top of what's going on. See you soon.

Lisa M.W.

My son sees Dr. Kearn's and he is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I would highly recomment him to anyone needing dental services. His Staff is also courteous and professional!! You will definitely be happy you went to see them!!

Tyler H.

The front desk was incredibly kind and accommodating. The Dental Assistant, Claudia, explained everything thoroughly and was a pleasure to talk with. Dr. Santin was kind, timely and educational through his treatment. Happy to be a new patient.

Vanessa E.

I have really bad dental anxiety and went in feeling fearful. However, coming in they made me feel super comfortable and taken care of. I choose to come here because not onlt did they take my feelings into consideration, but they have given me ample knowledge about what they're doing! Super Happy!

Diane N.

Dr. Serbousek is the best!! Just had a Root Canal and no pain!!

Julie D.

Dr. Riley Santin is very patient and takes extra time to explain and educate me on what the issue is, how the tooth functions, and the best process for a resoulution. He is very kind and his modern dentistry is  less painful. All the office staff were friendly and answered all my questions, making me feel important. Great customer service! Dr. Santin's assistant also provided great care and kindness. Highly recommend!

Sarah S.

It was quick and easy to get in for an appointment. The staff is amazing and super nice to work with. They explain everything before they do it. With our expereience my daughter needed 4 teeth out and not very compliant at first but after having Dr. Santin explain the process and how it would help her and she would feet better. She agreed to it and she did awesome!! I will definetly be switching to this facility as we have been to several dentist and this is by far the best one we have been to yet!

Brooke B.

Everyone was so nice and welcoming! It felt like I have known them for decades, when we have only just met. Everything was explained thoroughly and they answered every question I had. I definetly recommend Island View Dental and I am actually looking forward to my next visit. 

Josie Y.

Always so friendly and the staff is great with my family!

Amanda P.

Everyone was so friendly and very thorough with my dental plan. Would definetly recommend!

Lori C.

Brookly was so friendly and professional. She cleaned my teeth quickly and we had a fun time visiting.

Valerie J.

Everyone at Island View Dental was so friendly and I would definetly recommend them to anyone!

Marde S.

My appointments are always a pleasure. Friendly and experienced staff.

Ginny S.

I am so gratefull that I finally found my forever dental office at Island View Dental! It is very comfortable to know that I have a great dental care team, I can rely on to do their best for dental care. Thanks Dr. Kearns and Team!

Laura H.

Though not my normal dentist, Dr. Riley Santin and staff at Island View Dental saved the day for me. Many thanks, and I am delighted to recommend Island View Dental to everyone.

Colette E.

I hate going to the dentist but I love coming to Island View Dental. The hygienist is fabulous, the dentist are kind and comforting. I don't have a panic attack anymore when I come in just for a cleaning. 

Troy C.

Island View Dental has the most amazing staff! They are always accommodating of my impossible schedule. Major kudos to Brookly, my hygienist and friend! It is always great to catch up and she is so amazing and gentle with my cleaning!

Duane K.

The best dental care in Nebraska.

Pei Pei S.

Tara and Dr. Santin are super friendly! The visit was fast and painless.

Alberto L.

This is the best dental practice I found since moinv to GI in 2017. They have state of the art technology, impeccable office setup, knoledgeable and professional staff, and more importantly, friendly and helpful atmosphere at all service leavels!

Cletus L.

Dr. Santin and Teresa are personable and professional. The receptionist is personable, friendly, and helpful. I am happy and pleased to have my dental work at Island View.

Linda N.

Dr. Kearns and the entire staff at Island View Dental are amazing. As a child, I had a bad experience with a dentist which made me fearful of going to the dentist. Dr. Kearns has changed all of that and the dental hygienist couldn't be better. If you have dental phobias this is the place to come to. They will put you at ease and take wonderful care of you and your teeth.

Conner H.

Great first time experience. Feels very modern with new equipment and exceptionally friendly staff.

Shanon G.

Very good place for dental work!

Sue G.

 It is always a pleasant experience visiting this office. Staff is friendly and efficient and it doesn't take a lot of time out of the day.

Jill L.

Island View Dental is 5 stars. The facility is clean and the staff is personable and friendly. If you have to cancel an appointment they will try to get you back in right away and not have to wait too long to be serviced on teeth. All the doctors provide phenomenal care but I personally love to see Dr. Santin and his hygienist Lindsey. They are in network with most insurances which helps make the decision even better for care. 

Taysha B.

I can not recommend Island View Dental enough. I have a lot of general anxiety around visiting the dentist due to past experiences but Dr. Kearns and his staff changed my opinion that all dental work in inherently traumatic. They listened to my concerns and went out of their way to acoommodate my schedule to get me taken care of quickly and efficiently. I don't see myself going anywhere else for dental care!

Cheryl A.

Everyone at GI dental is very friendly, prompt, and accommodating. Never have to wait long to get in for an appointment. Majority of the time, I barely get sat down and they call my name!

Lacie M.

Island View Dental is THE best dentist office. I will NEVER go anywhere else for my dental needs. Everyone is so friendly and Dr. Kearns is so great with my kids and I. Michelle is also a wonderful hygienist! I recommend Island View Dental to anyone that asks about a dentist.

Jane W.

I like going to Island View Dental. All the staff are kind and everyone makes me feel comfortable. After having my teeth cleaned it feels good. Also she educated what I can improve to keep my teeth healthy. Dr. Kearns is very knowledgeable and works well with me. He is friendly and just all around a good guy!! You can't go wrong with picking Island View Dental for your dental needs.

 Marcia D.

Love Dr. Santin. Very compassionate dentisit! Highly recommend!!

Karen M.

Very friendly and makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

Amanda C.

Island View Dental has been wonderful to our family! The doctors and entire staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. If it's a routine cleaning/exam that you need or something more complex like an implant or orthodontic care, they have got you covered with a professional, pain free experience!

Ryan M.

They are always friendly, and do a great job.

John L.

I have a great experience every time.

Lori B.

Had great experience with Island View on my first and second visit. They explained everything really good and took care of me.

Frank F.

Friendly and simple explanations for healthy teeth. Even discovered wisdom teeth during scanning.

Kevin W.

Island View Dental is the best our family has used. Super friendly and gentle for those that like this touch.  Priced fairly if you have a procedure not covered by insurance as well. 

Janel L.

Every time I visit Island View, I feel like I am the most important patient they could see. Every member of the staff is friendly and helpful. I appreciate the modern facility and equipment. Island View is simply the best.

Brittany F.

Dr. Santin is wonderful with kids! We would recommend Island View to all our friends and family! Thanks for taking care of our teeth for the whole family!

Tricia D.

I started going to Island View Dental about three and half years ago. Brookly does a fabulous job and Dr. Serbousek is so authentic and honest. I went to the same dentist for 40 years in Aurora until he retired. I am so glad I chose Island View Dental for my dental care.

Suzanne P.

We have been very happy at Island View Dental. They are pleasant, professional, and efficient. We would highly recommend them to anyone for a new dentist office.

Rosanne D.

I enjoy going to the dentist. How many times can you say that? Not very often. They are very thorough and have the tech to show you exactly what is going on in your mouth! I highly recmmend!!

Cindy A.

I have been very pleased with the friendly and professionalism of staff and excellent care and concern from Dr. Santin. I highly recommend them.

Greg S.

I have been a patient at Island View Dental for longer than the building has been there with Dr. Lofgreen. To this day with the change in staff and dental professionals, there is a confidence that remains. The front office team is welcoming and thorough when I leave with no surprising charges. The hygienist are thorough and know how to prepare you for each procedure. Dr. Riley Santin is personable. He reviews results from x-rays and information on the hygienist's work. He doesn't just say you need this and that. He listens, advises, and works with what is necessary or what can be done at another time based on insurance, time, and lifestyle. Island View has provided excellent care for me and my family.

Jynneen H.

We have always gotten in when needed! Staff is always kind! All of them are so good with our kids, ages 3,7,and 12. They give thorough exams. Honest and upfront. They offer payment plans! Highly recommend!

Dawn S.

Excellent care and listened to my concerns.

Margie K.

As soon as I walked in Island View, everyone was very friendly. The dentist and his assistant explained in detail. I liked that. Receptionist was very nice. Love the lower level!! They know their stuff here! Thank you!

Bobbi M.

I highly recommend Island View Dental for all your family dental care. They are professional and care about thier patients. I have been a patient there for over 25 years. Some of the services I have had done at Island View Dental are dental cleanings, fillings, a root canal, and adult orthodontics.

Ann M.

I would recommend Island View Dental to everyone, I have never had a bad experience and everyone is so friendly. Michelle is so gentle when cleaning my teeth but always makes them feel so clean and Dr. Kearns is the best.

Sarah S.

First time coming here, came from xray and cleaning today and they did amazing. They have payment plans, which is great for someone like me who doesn't have insurance. Thoroughly explained everything and made sure to see if I had any questions, talked to me about all my options and kept me informed throughout the whole appointment, 10/10 would come again and highly recommend.

Marliss B.

Dr. Serbousek and his staff are fantastic! We have been coming here since we moved back to Nebraska early 2000's wouldn't go anywhere else!

Dawn B.

Dr. Kearns and his team are fabulous.

Andiy S.

I'm a new patient, but so glad I switched. I used to be so sore after a regular cleaning. Brookly had such a light touch and Dr. Serbousek explained my treatment plan so it was easty to understand. Actually looking forward to my next cleaning.

Lacie M.

Island View Dental is THE best dentist office. I will NEVER go anywhere else for my dental needs. Everyone is so friendly and Dr. Kearns is so great with my kids and I. MIchelle is also a wonderful hygienist. I recommend Island View Dental to anyone that asks about a dentisit.

Bryan K.

Best place in Grand Island to get dental work done. Special thanks to Michelle for the great job every time. Love coming and knowing when I leave I have had the best cleaning and check up around. Thanks!!!!!

Norma J.

Amazing!!! Great customer service.

Sheri L.

Dental hygienist and dentist at Island View Dental are very thorough, honest, and not in a demeaning way. I felt encouraged by the suggested treatment plans and pricing. 

Megan E.

Y'all did amazing!!! Thank you!!! I will definetly recommend!

Daisy A.

I am very anxious/tense person when it comes to going to the dentist, so I really appreciate when staff works with me. Every visit that I have had at the office has been great and they are always really good about explaining cost, length of appointments, services, and rescheduling. I have referred a couple of my family members as well because of that. Shoutout to Alicia, who schedules most of my appointments and answers every question I throw at her, Lindsey and Dr. Kearns.

Jim R.

Was able to get in right away. Was accurately diagnosed and treated in a friendly professional manner. Thank you everyone at Island View Dental.

Betsy V.

I was able to get a complete new crown when my current one had broken within the same appointment! I love the fact that they take care of so much in house. Great staff!!

Melissa G.

Our daughter chipped her front tooth at college out of state over Labor Day. Dr. Serbousek was available to meet our daughter late evening to fix the tooth so she could get back to school the next morning. Thank you for taking the time from your holiday weekend to fix the tooth.

Amanda R.

I am not from the area. I had to find a new dentist and this was my first pick. I was very pleased with my service today. Great staff. Very informative.

Ashly S.

We were new patients and they got us in promptly. They worked well with our former provider. GREAT!

Scott. S.

Very professional, friendly, and thorough. They did a great job of explaining my oral hygiene in detail. They found things my previous dentist did not. Highly recommend Dr. Santin and the crew at Island View Dental.

Kathy H.

Best dentist office out there! Very friendly and gentle!

Dan Z.

The best staff and doctors in town.

Wendy C.

I would recommend Island View Dental. Their staff is very knowledgeable and happy to answer all of your questions. I left my first visit feeling well informed. Not only did I have an overal dental health plan, but also a plan for affordable orthodontic and cosmetic options.

Crystal N.
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